The Passage of Time


It’s been almost half a year since my last blog entry! A lot has happened since then. Stars were born and collapsed, civilizations rose and fell, planets formed and destroyed! But in all seriousness I’ve been pretty busy. At one point I had three separate part-time contracts in addition to my full time job. I also changed jobs. So I haven’t had a lot of time leftover for blogging. But I plan to resume my normal monthly cadence, and I’ve accumulated quite a few different topics to write about. Over the coming months I plan to release entries on:

  1. Lessons from my time at Nautilus. This will cover a range of topics meandering from my experiences working with hardware all the way to my lessons learned in soft-skills.
  2. My new job at Q5id. This current post is dated to be released on my first day at the company. I should have a pretty good summary of the company by the time I need to write this post.
  3. Kotlin Multi-Platform Project. I delved into this as part of my contributions to the Blue Falcon Project. It’s still early days, but the Kotlin MPP plugin for Android Studio was a big step forward.
  4. Juggling individual development, side-hustles, a full-time job, and raising a family. I’ve done a lot of growing over the last few months, and I’m pretty happy where I ended up on this topic.

That should provide a pretty good array of subject matter for the hopper. Until next time!

Photo by Jasper Wilde on Unsplash

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