Why me?

Because you want a disciplined, innovative worker with a mean streak for pragmatism and a lifelong passion for learning. I take great pride in delivering delightful experiences to users of my mobile applications, and learned Sketch, Zeplin, and Lottie to make up for the lack of a designer on my personal projects. I quickly realized though that an app is all for naught without a solid backend to support it. So I used the Java from my native Android development to jumpstart into Spring Boot server development. Now, with full command of the stack I’ve returned to delivering holistic applications for my users.

Recent Work

Bowflex Max Intelligence (iOS & aOS)

The Max Intelligenceā„¢ App offers the guidance and motivation you need by providing in-depth analytics and awards, helping you celebrate milestones, achievements, personal bests, and keeping track of time, calories burned, and more.

Steelcase Personal Assistant (iOS & aOS).

Together with Workplace Advisor Subscription and Microsoft Office 365, the Find app makes finding and reserving the best workspaces quick and simple.

Jenie (iOS).

Search hotels, vacation rentals or hostels and share your experience through the Jenie mobile app.

Worldwide Equipment Guide - 2012 (aOS only).

A native android application developed for the US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence. With over 5,000 downloads this is my most popular individually launched app.

Wargame: Red Dragon Calculator (iOS & aOS).

My first Ionic hybrid mobile application. It was written in Typescript using the Angular 2 framework and released simeltaneously to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Worldwide Equipment Guide - 2015(iOS & aOS).

A reboot of my 2012 Worldwide equipment guide. This application was developed natively for iOS & Android using Swift & Kotlin respectively. It is supported by a Kotlin Springboot API backed by a PostgreSQL database.

Get In Touch

I'm always open to new challenges and opportunities, or just to chat.